Successful freight forwarding, project logistics and custom clearance services in challenging markets like the IRAQ and Middle East require expertise, inside knowledge, and a reputation that businesses can trust.
This is why Al-Atiaf Al-Dawlia is the preferred choice of many Fortunes 200 clients in the region.
Our in-depth knowledge of IRAQ and Middle East, coupled with our regional and international service network makes Al-Atiaf Al-Dawlia a leading service provider in the region.

Al-Atiaf Al-Dawlia Logistics provides a “one-stop-solution” to meet all of your logistics requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate household goods across the region or move an offshore drilling platform across the seas, Al-Atiaf Al-Dawlia Logistics has the capability, expertise and experience to make it happen. You will get personalized service at every level with Al-Atiaf Al-Dawlia because we are truly independent, make our own deIraqions and specialize in our home market.